Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On WI open records scandal, Fitzgerald outs Walker

And the wheels come off Walker's preposterous campaign's July 13th launch:
Fitzgerald: Scott Walker's office helped with open records changes
In other words, Fitzgerald says, I ain't going down with this ship!

Big Fitz the Big Snitch.

And Walker, so true to form.

Look at his history.

Look at his methods.

Look at the lesser known facts.

As an expert said, he's more Nixonian than Nixon!

Next headline? Walker mum no more 


my5cents said...

Walker will say he didn't know anything about it and that it was his staff's idea. You know, just like he didn't know anything about a secret email system right next to his office in the Milwaukee County Court House. And just like he didn't know anything about the right-to-work law and etc., etc., etc., etc. He's a lying bag of scum, or that stuff you scrape off the bottom of your shoes all the time. It will be interesting to see how he spins this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Fitz but give him credit........on Saturday Walker put out a news release saying that Walker, Fitz, Vos, Darling and Nygren all stood for open and accountable government. By Tuesday only Fitz admitted his involvement; he outed the others but none of them including our chicken s*&% [un-intimidated] governor has the decency nor the forthrightness to acknowledge their role in trying to deny the people if Wisconsin access to what their elected officials and government is doing. This was a blatant attempt to make government secret; only known to those in the Republican party. Walker and the other 5 who conspired with him on the open records proposal and the 10 Republicans on the JFC who supported this owe the people of this state an apology and if this is not forthcoming they should resign [not gonna happen] or be recalled. They are not public servants working for the people ....they are politicians working only for their party!

Alois said...

I'm kinda hoping to see a scene like this as Wanker wades into the fray of presidential politics next week:

NATIONAL MEDIA: Your own state senator Fitzgerald says that you were behind attempts to gut Wisconsin's open records laws. Yes or no?

WALKER: I'm not here to talk about the past. In Wisconsin, we--

NATIONAL MEDIA: Yes or no, Governor?

WALKER: I took on the unions! I--

NATIONAL MEDIA: Answer the question. YES OR NO?

WALKER slinks offstage.

Sue said...

Anon@4:12 -
On Sunday I emailed all twelve of the JFC members who voted for killing open government in WI, and (among other things) requested an apology to all the citizens of the state. Here's what Sen. Marklein had to say, what a hero he is:
"I agree with you! I share your concerns regarding the proposed changes to the Open Records Law in Wisconsin.
I am pleased to report that I authored an amendment to withdraw this change from the budget and it was approved by the full Senate this afternoon with a unanimous, bipartisan vote. Like you, I expressed concerns about making changes to Open Records Law. I believe in open and transparent government and have always responded to Open Records requests quickly and thoroughly. For this reason, I authored the amendment to reverse the change made in Motion #999."
You'll notice that he's quite open about who authored the hero amendment saving open government in WI but still not giving up the name of who put the language in in the first place.

MadCityVoter said...

Sue, did the heroic Senator Marklein mention anything about remembering which of his developer friends had him introduce a provision in the State budget bill that forbids the DNR from getting input from Dane County officials regarding water quality issues in Dane County? Since he now believes in open and transparent government it seems to me that revealing the source of that nasty bit of cynical partisan skullduggery would be a good start.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness, no, MCV, he must have forgotten that part of his heroic political career. But with such a champion of open and transparent government, he probably can't remember all the wonderful things he's done. He should keep better records in case someone wants to know.