Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To list of manipulated, disrespected under Walker, add "everyone"

The Journal Sentinel editorial board correctly poses a set of tough demands and questions for Walker and his legislative allies about their attack on the state's foundational Open Records law.

Some of us following Walker are not surprised by his arrogance and cowardice and predictable default to secrecy and silence on this matter - - and note that he has yet to take unambiguous responsibility personally, hiding behind a spokeswoman and limiting comment to a laughably insufficiently thin news release - - because we have seen his willingness to duck, punt and conjure his "midwestern nice" while systematically and aggressively since the John Doe I revelations, then his first budget, then his second straight through to this horrible and scandalous third budget relentlessly disrespecting and manipulating countless Wisconsin constituencies, groups and individuals for personal, partisan and political advantage.

I had been cataloguing that damaging contempt, especially as it hit the poor and the less powerful while serving the wealthy and relatively privileged for months in this one summary posting, then stopped because the list had gotten too long  and the task too tedious, repetitious and frankly depressing.
The Disrespected, Manipulated Wisconsin Electorate
So tonight I have added the Journal Sentinel editorial to the posting's top, calling the new category "everyone," and hope that activists and media out-of-state understand that what we have seen here lately, and for the last five years from Walker's 2010 gubernatorial run to the present, could be their reality should Walker's preposterous run for the US presidency be successful.

So if you have time after digesting the-newly amended posting above, work your way to its logical companion to understand more about Wisconsin's past and present, and the country's future, since we have all learned here the hard way again that the past is indeed prologue:
Scott Walker facts little known outside Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

So far only Fitzgerald has accepted accountability on his part. Walker, Vos, Darling and Nygren who on Saturday told everyone in Wisconsin that they stood for open and accountable government remain in hiding and refuse to demonstrate that their Saturday news release was just more empty words and promises. These four are not leaders nor are they public servants. They are merely politicians being paid by the taxpayers to work for the Republican party not the public good!!!!!! We and the media must relentlessly pursue each of them until they provide us with the truth. Should they refuse lets remove them from office via recall. At the very least they have violated their oath of office by their attack on the rights of Wisconsinites to know what their elected representatives are doing and how they are choosing to govern.

Anonymous said...

Walker likes to claim that he is the second coming of REAGAN .....but he is really the re-incarnation of NIXON.....dirty tricks and all.