Friday, July 10, 2015

SC shooter got gun improperly; Walker lauded failed background check system

Turns out that SC church shooter got his .45 caliber semi-automatic massacre handgun improperly because the so-called instant federal background check system failed to flag him, facing a felony charge, as ineligible for the purchase.

You wonder if Walker's very recent bill-signing support for an NRA-loved measure that ended Wisconsin's 48-hour handgun purchase cooling off period will cost him politically, and, worse, victims more dearly.

Said Walker a week after the church killings, as the sad, sick irony of his action and 'argument ' grows:
Governor Scott Walker on Wednesday signed into law a bill repealing Wisconsin's 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases, a measure supporters said will make buying a gun more convenient and opponents said will lead to increased violence… 
He said the instant national background check system makes the waiting period law obsolete. 
"This allows Wisconsin's law to catch up with the 21st century," he said.
As Walker had told The Washington Post earlier:
Months ago, Walker said he supported getting rid of Wisconsin's 48-hour waiting period for those looking to purchase a handgun. Walker has said that a waiting period is not needed, especially now that firearm dealers can perform instant background checks on their buyers. 
“That’s one of those where with new technology, we want to make sure the bad guys don’t get firearms, and the good guys do,” Walker told the NRA’s news network during an interview in late February, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. 


Anonymous said...

Ya know, for Walker, the Feds are "bad" and untrustworthy when it comes to trains or ObamaCare, but when it comes to guns, suddenly the Feds are super-trustworthy.


Thanks for keeping up on this!

betsey said...

Yes, James, Thanks for your tireless work as Chronicler of the Deceitful.