Friday, July 10, 2015

Bradley-Koch dream team could lift Walker

The Bush money machine and Donald Trump's checkbook will be challenged by a Walker campaign favored by the Koch brothers since 2007, and run by the Bradley Foundation's chairman.

As we say at Mixed Metaphor Central, Walker is in league with the biggest enchiladas going for the whole ball of wax.

A few hundred million dollars worth of their TV ads will remake Walker from the guy who kept promoting Tim Russell to The Second Coming, embodied, and I'm not just talking Ronald Reagan.

At some point, media nationally had better be done with the Trump sideshow, the Christie temper, the Perry glasses and the Jeb Bush crawl and take a deeper look at Walker's record learned the hard way first by Milwaukee County residents, then by Wisconsinites.

Or not, and leave it to the Walker PR machine to tell the public what it needs to know about a big coordinated corporate push to end The New Deal, any hint of a progressive tax system or a strong Federal Government.

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Sue said...

The only thing that might save us from a national media as uninterested in the facts as Wisconsin media are:
Walker will not be able to hide this time. No limiting his interviews to Charlie Sykes. No hiding behind closed door events. At some point, Walker is going to stand in front of cameras and microphones - lots of them - and he's going to say that he's punting or he's going to say that he's not going there, one time too many. He will out-Jeb Jeb in showing his contempt for working families or say something Trumpesque, only in a Midwestern-nice kind of way that will make him look doubly stupid. And after that, the blogs and investigative journo orgs and entertainment publications that have very valiantly tried to get the word out here in WI are going to be joined by Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, Saturday Night Live and Lewis Black.
There is hope.