Monday, July 6, 2015

As the Walker-for-President train prepares for 7/13 departure...

Theses images as reality and metaphor come to mind:

We know the risks posed by the train's defective engineer in charge of a known, toxic and destructive load, so have publicized the dangers as the engineer evaded accountability while the train gained momentum, at our peril, on an expanded route.

And since Wisconsin was and is the scene of the earliest political derailment with the same engineer in the cab, we know what's in store for the country on the longer run if the worst outcome is realized:
The fireball that followed the derailment and explosion of two trains, one carrying Bakken crude oil, on December 30, 2013, outside Casselton, N.D.


Anonymous said...

In Wisconsin they (Walker and his cronies) have bought the vote, bought the referees, bought the media, bought off opposition, bought political favors, bought local trolls, bought support with $100 checks to post sign. $$$$$$$ has got him this far. Let's hope the national venue won't be quite as easy to by off. Let's hope the voters will see him without the rose colored glasses that were needed in Wisconsin. Let's hope this liar has reached the pinnacle of his political rise and will quickly be on the downhill slope.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why so many think we will see Scott Walker self-destruct on the national stage. The entire clown car of GOP primary candidates are compromised buffoons. Walker is still polling well and is largely getting decent media coverage on national TV and in the national press. Since the in-state media is still promoting him as an unstoppable force, there is no reason to think the national media will do anything different -- after all, the biggest in-state pro-Walker media supporters are relatively smaller cogs in larger national media machines.

When all the votes were counted, in 2012, President Obama won re-election by a historical margin of victory, but on the night of the election, some in the national media were on the verge of calling the race for Mitt Romney by 8:30 pm CST!

Romney/Ryan should never have been a credible ticket and, once all the "late votes" were counted, Obama won by a huge margin. It was not at all close. If the media can manufacture a horse race out of habitual liars like Romney and Ryan, they can do the same for Scott Walker.

And they are already well on the way of doing it, promoting him as the guy to beat in in the GOP primary. Remember, George WALKER Bush was anointed president by the SCOTUS and did not have to win the 2000 election. We now know he not only lost the popular vote that cycle, but did not win Florida's electoral votes too.

There will be no Scott Walker train wreck if the media which created this monster has its way.

Anonymous said...

A Scott Walker train wreck is a FEATURE and not a glitch. It provides a distraction from the folks that are really calling the shots. Scott Walker can be a dunce on the electoral stage, what many would call a train wreck, and still be placed into the White House.

The stoooopid stuff he says and does, the stink of corruption he actively surrounds himself with work to his advantage. He becomes the focus of attention, though still fraudulently propped up by the media, and the criminal cabal that is doin' the real stealin' are never scrutinized by the mainstream media.