Monday, July 6, 2015

As he has before, Walker evades WI Open Records law

The Journal Sentinel today makes the point that Walker is running his office as if the Open Records barriers his legislative allies created and then abandoned were already in place.

It's an important disclosure that puts into context the failed GOP plan to gut he Open Records law through a sneaky, and politically-damaging budget amendment.

But let's not forget that the only reason Walker operatives installed a secret Internet router and clandestine, off-the-books email system in his Milwaukee County Executive office suite was to evade publicans media access guaranteed under the Open Records law to his campaign coordination and communications carried out on public time.

Claiming to love transparency while embracing secrecy is his M.O.

Nothing new. The past is prologue for this guy

Or his party, as I catalogued.


So Always look at the Walker record and history, in detail.


Anonymous said...

And that's why Wisconsin GOP legislators re-drew district boundaries at an attorney's office back in 2011 (as opposed to state offices) -- to avoid open records laws.

We only know of the extent to which Leah Vukmir and others went to gerrymander the districts after Mark Miller became Senate majority leader for a brief time as a result of the recall. In his position as majority leader, Miller requested a copy documentation regarding the redistricting, a process which a Federal Court later described as an "expensive, secretive, and "peculiarly furtive process" used by the GOP, further stating "We cannot help but conclude that the people of Wisconsin deserve better in the next round of redistricting after the 2020 census".

Tess said...

This isn't over, Walker and the Republicans are just moving this to another forum. Their quote: "In order to allow for further debate on this issue outside of budget process, the Legislature will form a Legislative Council committee to more appropriately study it and allow for public discussion and input."
That's reassuring since we all know how important the public's input is to them.
Listening to Sly this afternoon with his guest Jeff Mayers from WisPolitics, Sly asked him about the statement from Peter Barca that the Republicans are hiding something with this. Mayers reply was that he didn't think they were trying to hide anything. Seriously???? This is what passes for journalism is this state. Nothing to see here folks, move on.
That's why your blog is the first one I go to every morning. I appreciate you!!!