Saturday, December 8, 2018

The feds have found 'Individual 1.' In WI, let's keep Walker singular.

While people on Twitter are amusing each other with clues to the identity of "Individual 1,there has never been any doubt that Scott Walker has been the Number 1 obstacle to democracy in Wisconsin since 2011.

Note that there have been other Walker nicknames or labels during his almost eight-year reign:

*  "The original Tea Party in Wisconsin" was one he came up with.

* Then there was "the environmental destroyer," which I gifted to Walker even before he took the oath of office for his first term - - and which later took a 21-part blog series to unpack and catalogue..

* And don't forget "Midwestern nice." That was one of his early favorites, but which needed corrections a while ago because:

*  How many "nice" politicians cut record-breaking sums from public school children's educations...?
*  How many "nice" politicians quietly insert in their budgets, out-of-the-blue, that poor citizens, based on zero evidence, must pass urine tests to food stamps? After already delaying some jobless benefits to people hammered in the deep recession and making Wisconsin only one of our states that has recently elected to cut food stamps?
* Ever heard of a US Governor who said he discussed planting trouble-makers in a crowd of peaceful protesters, but decided against it because it might backfire and cause a fresh set of political problems...Read the transcript...
*  How many "nice" politicians block any increase in the poverty-enforcing $7.25/hourly minimum wage, call it a living wage, refuse to even consider raising it and have said they see no need for a minimum wage whatsoever?
*  Secret emails systems....on public time? Sound 'nice' to you?
*  How many "nice" politicians have turned down $550 million in Federal health-care funding along with other roadblocks to fuller federal health insurance that would cover thousands of low-income citizens, thereby also raising costs to state taxpayers and depriving the state of health-care sector jobs
There was more, but it's a Saturday, so don't get me started.

* Though after he called himself "the education governor," during his just-concluded his failed re-election bid, I'd put up links to dozens more such titles he could similarly put on a business card. including 'pothole fighter,' 'champion of local control,' 'friend of the printed word' and 'pro-women's-health Governor.'

Note that Robin Vos is laying claim to those titles, though history, if it is kind to us, will keep Walker entirely singular.


Unknown said...

Couldn't of said it better James

Unknown said...

Well said James, as for that snake in the grass Voss, somebody needs to run against him