Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Vos fills Twitter with comical self-justification

We get it. You've got your 11th hour talking points memorized. Please stop:
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    Democrats have been exaggerating and resorting to hyperbole throughout the debate. The vote is about ensuring equal branches of government exist in especially during this time of divided government.
  2. The basic fundamental part of our democracy is compromise and negotiation.
  3. We have allowed far too much authority to move to the executive branch.
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    Where I live, people have said do whatever you have to do to make sure the reforms that have been positive for Wisconsin don't go away. -


Anonymous said...

Print edition of Walker's BFF for life was full of disingenous cries of FOUL! yet they endorsed each and every step that got us here, even under the ownership of Gannett/USA today.

Pretending to be on the high road when you directly endorsed everything Walker & GOP and routinely published their lies and talking points as news does not cut it. MJS even falsely declared that this session was about protecting pre-existing conditions - this was the only part of the fascist takeover bills that did not pass and MJS knew that this was not the purpose of the session.

Everyone should, if not doing so already, refuse to purchase any Gannett/USA Today publication and boycott their advertisers too. Wisconsin's media sold us out repeatedly and now thinks we are stupid enough to accept their false narrative about the destruction of democracy that they creates.and enabled.

Jefferson County Daily Union, publishers of the historic Hoard Dairlyland, put themselves out of business yesterday with there 130+ year history of endorsing GOP.

The Knox family was finally forced to sell yesterday as their business model is not viable under Walker's divide-and-conquer, CAFO, anti-worker, and out-of-state multinational fascist agenda. For my entire life, Knox promoted the worst of GOP economic agenda - actually economic terrorism against the middle class and disadvantaged.

MJS is publishing contact information for legislatures and Walker. Those contacts mean nothing. The only contacts that will make a difference is to raise help with Gannett/USA Today/MJS and the rest of Wisconsin's right-wing echo chamber for promoting each and every divide and conquer politician

Contact Chuck Knox too - his paper is no longer family owned and it is not because of technology nor the internet. It is because of decades of propaganda!

Allen said...

Spot on. But lay blame on the editors. These papers are just pandering to those who subscribe.

Journal/Gannet has chosen to abandon their subscription delivery and go for the internet audience. Just business.

Allen said...

When Vos says "people" he means Steve Gunderson-who pulls the whiskers of AFP Wisconsin. Dont think there wasnt more than a passing meeting in New Berlin over this issue. Gunderson wants that FoxConn does Vos. Big residential development on Gunderson Farms all the way to Rochester is the goal.

Anonymous said...

Allen -- they are not following what subscribers demand. The paper was a right-wing rag long before this business model. Just like you and I do not demand tasteless carbonated sugar water, but this is what Coke and Pepsi give us; the propaganda in your media is not an indication of what buyers demand, it is what publishers choose to promote.

The reason circulations are falling and that subscription levels are not large is because what is being published is garbage that promotes everything that is Walker/GOP and now the party of Trump.

If they were marketing-oriented, Gannett/USA Today would align their content in to match the preferences of potential subscribers. They do not do this. In general, newspapers were never about providing objective and truthful coverages, but that is another story all together.

Please don't fall into the trap of assuming that the reason so many of the products/services we buy is increasingly lower-quality or less-useful, because that is what we demand. There is nothing "free market" or even consumer-driven about U.S. media and no where in Wisconsin is this more evident than the content of MJS.

Business sense -- NONSENSE! The paper and now jsonline continues to hemorrhage readers and it is because the content skews far to right for most Wisconsin citizens. Remember, it is only the gerrymandering that gave republicans 63% of the state senate despite winning less than 50% of the vote.

And Jefferson Daily County Union?!?!?!

The demise of the Knox family (Hoards) Jefferson Daily County Union had nothing to do with giving subscribers the right-wing coverage and op-eds/editorials they demanded. The biases clearly undermine these businesses because, increasingly, there is no reason for most people to read the daily propaganda.