Monday, December 31, 2018

Having already twisted the law, Vos chooses now to ignore one

The Robin Vos Overreach Sideshow is getting a more extensive run.

No one who has watched the partisan little dictator
Picture of Representative Robin Vos
degrade law-making in the Assembly he helped gerrymander and sell in 2012 - - 
Madison - Rep. Robin Vos acknowledged Wednesday that talking points were created for him last year that told Republicans to ignore public comments on new election maps.
- - should be surprised that now he's moved to pretending there is no law when it suits his partisan needs at public expense.

Speaker Robin Vos won't release $850,000 contract with law firm in Wisconsin gerrymandering case

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos won't make public a legal contract that will cost taxpayers $850,000, despite a state law meant to ensure government records are widely available. 
I stand by my prediction that Vos' egomaniacal grandiosity and grasp after power far above his pay grade and mettle will not end well politically.

Vos should be looking hard at Scott Walker's fate. 

There are plenty of reasons for his upset loss, from eight years of Walker fatigue to the Foxonnn albatross he willingly strapped on, but at the top of the list is the fallout from Walker's ill-fated, ego-driven, image-crushing run for the Presidency away from the state and job he purportedly loved.

The presidential overreach exposed Walker as too far in over his head and unable to stay afloat while everyone else knew he would go under.

Vos has already begin to overplay a hand he dealt to himself from a deck he helped to stack and fix.  


Peter Felknor said...

Yes, James, but we live in a fallen world. My own prediction is that Vos and Walker will end up with comfy Koch Brothers/Bradley Foundation/ABC Building Supply sinecures and never "work" another day in their lives. Hope you're right and I'm wrong. Happy New Year.

geo_ said...

" Too far in over his head"? The current president* isn't?

James Rowen said...

Of course he is.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Walker, Vos is elected in a district so Rethuglican that even without gerrymandering, Vos could walk down the street with a gun and execute 25 people, claiming that they probably voted democratic, and he wouldn't be arrested nor charged with a crime. The majority of his constituents would support his actions and vote for him again, probably with a bigger margin than last time.

That's the level of support that Vos, Fitzgerald, and most Rethuglican politicians in Hicksville Wisconsin enjoy. No wonder young people are fleeing this shithole state.

Scum like Vos really ARE above the law here in Walker's Wisconsin.