Sunday, December 30, 2018

Of media and Wisconsin cabinets

As Governor-elect Tony Evers chooses his cabinet, GOP legislative leaders have harrumphed.

"Greatly disappointed" with the number of appointees with Milwaukee addresses, said GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. And no one consulted me, suggested GOP senior hall monitor and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

It occurred to me that everyone is missing the most significant story about Wisconsin cabinets, and I don't mean the one to which Jim Stingl applied his deft fine tooth comb before the Chicago Tribune picked up the story.

I'm talking about the four former Walker cabinet members who went after him  with unprecedented public condemnations before the election:
[Three of the] former officials said they will not be voting for Walker because of his record on transportation, education and safety issues, "pervasive questionable practices within the administration" and how state matters were handled while Walker sought the presidency. 
One of them, former Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall, even wrote a book about his experience, and the title tips off the author's message:
Unethical: Life in Scott Walker's Cabinet and the Dirty Side of Politics

Vos and Fitzgerald might give some thought to the relationship between those events, the voters' rejection of Walker and their on-the-Legislative-outside-looking-in dejection as Evers names the next cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Are your proclaiming to the world that Wisconsin media and the ultra-conservative Chicago Tribune stood by the common folk and families and smited the great conservative spokesperson for Koch Industries and multinational corporations Scott Walker?

Does anyone else remember UW-M Journalism Professor David Berkman and his weekly radio show Media Talk and his column in Shepherd Express?

The sources you cite here actually endorsed and continue to endorse the divide-and-conquer politics of Walker, Wisconsin GOP, and the radical extreme agenda of the national republican party. Without MJS and WSJ leading the chorus, there would never have been 8 years of Scott Walker.

And please let me put that in perspective - the hometowns of each of these right-wing newspapers pro.oted Walker and GOP despite the fact that those communities overwhelmingly voted against the politics of Walker & GOP year after year - it took a lot of media propaganda to elect Walker County Executive and then keep him in office after his reckless political stunts killed a boy going to Summerfest with his family.

If Robin Voss and Scott Fitgerald say divisive attacks, usually untrue, on a democratic politician; does it make a sound?

Answer: Only when the media catapults it across the state as noose.

The media is unjustifiable setting Evers to be the fall guy for 8 years on total republican rule with almost daily bogus stories like where Evers selects highly-qualified appointments from.

Man MKE said...

Sadly, Voss, Fitzgerald and too many in their orbit do not seem particularly self-reflective. They are merely reflexive. As Firesign Theatre put it in a skit: "Vote for me, because I never lie, and I'm always right."

Man MKE said...
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