Tuesday, December 4, 2018

GOP rejection of Evers win opens door for more Wi 'reforms'

Now that the GOP majority on the key WI deliberative rubber-stamping legislative committee has OK'ed nullifying Democratic 'votes' that elected Tony Evers as Governor, Republicans can rise and shine at the Madison hotels where they stayed last night on the taxpayers' per diem generosity and take up the remainder of this 'stand their ground' special session agenda, including:

* Changing the score of Sunday's game at Lambeau Field to Green Bay 139, Arizona 0.

* Drafting an official proclamation thanking Scott Walker for fulfilling his promise to create 250 new jobs.

* Affirming the details of Walker's official golden parachute hammock package, including alternate weekend use of the Governor's mansion, joint custody with Evers of the states' airplanes, and a lifetime state sales tax holiday on any purchase of frozen custard, cheese curds, Internet routers, hunting togs or TV sets assembled with Foxconn parts.

Still pending. Choosing between Tinkerbell or Porch Pirate as the new state symbol.


Anonymous said...

Thank Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for this last major divide-and-conquer. And remember, last week they lied that this session was about protecting pre-existing conditions, but it certainly is not.

The only reason rebublicans can successfully launch such a massive coup is because their media enablers will continue to white wash their corporate agenda.

They endorsed this every step of the way, so don't buy into their crap puff pieces like "It's time for citizens to let politicians know who's in charge"

The time to let them know passed long ago and the right wing shills at MJS know this, but they endorsed it for many years. They continue toto lead the state's propaganda machine and meaningless tripe like the above cited op-ed change nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin GOP power grab is ‘a coup happening right in front of our eyes’: Paul Krugman


Chris said...

I agree with Anon 7:34. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel enables the obstructive behavior of Wisconsin's GOP 'legislators'.

MJS ran two long investigative reports in the Sunday edition, both on worthy topics, but as they say - timing is everything. What the citizens of Wisconsin need from MJS right now are the facts with regard to this blatant GOP power grab.

What the Wisconsin GOP is doing is wrong on so many levels! But instead of shining a very bright light on what's going on, MJS takes the approach 'nothing to see here'. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gives newspapers a bad name.

'Democracy dies in darkness', as the Washington Post notes on its masthead.

Karl said...

Yes! Walker's BIG BOLD GOVERNMENT reforms continue......that was the mantra that almost....ALMOST.....catapulted him into the Presidency.