Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Vos, the WI Shadow Gov., announces a bazillion new committees

In the last days of the Walker's eight-year fouling of Wisconsin's democracy, he and Assembly Speaker and newly-self designated Shadow Governor Robin Vos are playing a game of bad cop/worse cop.

Walker is drawing out the 'suspense' about which 99% he'll sign in Vos' power grab bill, and Vos is handing out new committee names, assignments and chairmanships - - read: favors - - for the next session as if he just found a drawer full of Scott Walker's unused Kohl's cash coupons.

He's invented a Parks and Rec committee title, dropped the GOP cuss word "environmental" from a committee name, and gave a co-chairmanship to a GOP legislator who lost his chairmanship perks a few months ago over having made racist and sexist comments to colleagues.

Details of who and what Vos is shuffling around on his scorecard, here.
Vos, R-Rochester, is adding several new committees and doing away with others to have more than four dozen committees and joint committees, which are comprised of members of both the Senate and the Assembly.

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