Monday, December 3, 2018

Power-grabbing Fitzgerald rolling out Divide-and-Conquer 2.0

In 2011, Divide-and-Conquer was the true heart of Act 10.

The goal was to strip power from everyday citizens and hand it to the rich, powerful and Republican.

Today, we see another iteration, at the bottom of a bucket of red herrings.

The goal is to keep power in Republican hands so it can be massaged for the rich and powerful. 

You can add separating the wheat from the chaff to the Divide-and-Conquer idiom, the chaff being the GOP throwaways inserted in the bill while Republicans know what makes up their non-negotiable grain.

So do not be distracted by staged worries and hang-wringing feints offered up by  one of the key plotters in the WI GOP Law-and-Order Disposal Caucus, because that group of sore-losing authoritarians has its priorities which they underlined in disappearing ink when drafting the power grab in secret.

Also note in Fitzgerald's 'disclosure' the paucity of absence of actual details disclosure, and the word "yet."
Scott Fitzgerald says Senate Republicans don't have votes for all extraordinary session bills
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg

The point is that the whole special session is a corruption justified by canards, an abuse of ill-gained gerrymandered privilege and a scam on the voters which should be shelved.

Republicans have majorities in both houses and can legislate in regular session in regular order without 11th hour, lame-duck advantages self-arrogated on a fast-track..

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Anonymous said...

Now that Governor Walker has publicly supported all of these proposals, expect the Rethuglicans in the Assembly & Senate to quickly pass every one of them. As progressives, we CANNOT let this fight die. We need to keep fighting this destructive of democracy in Wisconsin on every possible front. We have to find ways to both fight the new Wisconsin Dictatorship and hurt the corporate masters who control these corrupt Rethuglican politicans.

If Big Fitz & Robbin Vos succeed in turning Wisconsin into a Dictatorship, let's help the young voters get the hell out of Walker's Wisconsin. In the November election, these young voters turned out like never before to support Democratic candidates. According to the Wisconsin Rethuglican Party, turns out that their votes don't count in Dictatorship Wisconsin.

Let's help these youngsters leave this corrupt Dictatorship that Rethuglicans want to turn Wisconsin into. Instead of the usual 10,000 college graduates leaving every year, let's shoot for 25,000 kids leaving every year, UNLESS the Rethuglicans return democracy to Wisconsin. Make "talented young workers" the #1 export in Wisconsin every year.

Right now, the corporate whores who control the Wisconsin Rethuglican Party are crying that there aren't enough workers (for the low wages they offer). By encouraging talented young people to FLEE Walker's Wisconsin, we will be helping out these kids, AND hurting the corporate whores at the controls of Big Fitz and Corrupt Robbin Vos.