Tuesday, December 11, 2018

WI DNR sued over Foxconn water diversion records

Environmentalists are already challenging the DNR's approval of a Lake Michigan diversion - - a recent update about that challenge is here - - and one organization filed a separate lawsuit last week over access to DNR records about the diversion
Lake Michigan

the group claims are being withheld, according to the Associated Press: 
Midwest Environmental Advocates challenged the DNR’s approval in May of the city of Racine’s request to pull millions of gallons from the lake daily for the plant. 
Midwest Environmental Advocates then filed a lawsuit on Dec. 3 alleging the DNR hadn’t fully complied with a request, submitted in August, for records relating to the diversion.
I will add this new development to the Foxconn archive I have been updating since the spring of 2017.

For the record, the DNR did not provide comment to the AP for its story.

And I also note that the Walker administration is working overtime to keep control of the project, first by transferring much of the state's relationship with Foxconn to the GOP-controlled legislature through the power grab bill, and now, it seems, by withholding records from a Foxconn litigant already preparing a challenge to the water diversion for presentation to a state administrative law judge.

Sounds like more dirty pool to me.


Anonymous said...

The DNR really got bad with records requests....it was policy to only give exactly what was requested. I had to have everything reviewed by Madison and told to withhold information at least once even though I knew the intent of the request.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't release drafts unless the request was specifically for drafts. Emails only from us, not to us.