Friday, December 28, 2018

Walker's PolitiFact record leans to false

This is what happens when you have a governor whose eight years in office are bookended by a secret email system and stashed staffers on the public payroll that helped him get there and a secretly-crafted power grab engineered by different operatives as he departs.

We can all disagree with the ratings and specific findings, but, for the record, throw out the middle-ground "half true" category (since it could also be called 'half false,' and Walker's "mostly false," "false" and "pants-on-fire" PolitiFact ratings still make up the biggest, summary finding.
Here’s the breakdown on the Truth-for-Meter for Walker’s 196 fact checks:
True: 13 percent
Mostly True: 22 percent
Half True: 19 percent
Mostly False: 19 percent
False: 21 percent
Pants on Fire: 6 percent

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Anonymous said...

This is still garbage -- after approximately 2014 when Walker was humiliated on the national stage, Politifact started tossing him softballs. Their ratings also skewed more positively, because when there was a statement that needed more context or actual documentation, Politifact would tend to rate it as "Mostly True" or "Half-True".

And where I come from, half-a-lie is a FULL lie!

In Walker's first year, he had overwhelming negative ratings and high "pants on fire" ratings. You used to regularly point this out.

Here's the point: By Donald Trump/Modern GOP standards, Politifact has rehabilitated Scott Walker, moving his ratings to mostly positive by slight-of-hand. Walker did not become more honest or truthful. If anything, he became more dishonest and untruthful.

Politifact became more dishonest and untruthful by cherry-picking meaningless statements to assess, ignoring meaningful statements, and proclaiming that the vague meaningless statements they chose to rate were mostly true because...

Well because MJS has always been in the tank for Scott Walker!