Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Because Walker will say anything to get re-elected...

[Updated now that he's the Pre-existing conditions protecting governor. (Spoiler alert: no he isn't.)

[Updated from 6/19/18 - - He's "The Anti-UWM Governor," budget and staff cuts show.]

He says he's the "pro-education" Governor.

Right. Everything in his record screams 'pro-education,' and then some:

He's always been the pro-teacher, public employee Governor.

Whose Act 10 left collective bargaining intact [Sic].

And, remember, it was just a set of "modest, modest requests [Sic]."

From Governor 'Midwest Nice.'

And he's also been the never-cut-school funding Governor.

The always-honest friend of higher-education Governor.

And friend of the printed word, like all pro-education officials.

The pro-blue-collar worker Governor.

Who created those promised 250,000 new private-sector jobs right on time.

He's also the pothole-fighter.

The poverty-fighting Governor.

The champion of local control.

And the pro-women's-health Governor.

As he's been the friend of the small dairy farmer Governor.

Foe of chronic deer herd wasting disease Governor.

And the small-business startup Governor.

Also, the tight-fisted principled-conservative steward of the people's money Governor.

In part due to his wise acceptance (not) of federal funds.

The take-me-at-my-word Governor.

Like he was about his college records and early departure from Marquette U.

Because he's the no-dark-money Governor, wink-wink.

And champion of free and open elections-Governor.

Also, the pro-science Governor.

Especially climate change science.

And like all pro-education governors, would not downgrade children's climate science teaching.

And would never remove air pollution alerts which are vital for kids and seniors.

He's also is the wetlands-champion Governor.

Fighting for public resources over special-interest favors.

The smooth-roads Governor.

Because he's also not the finish what you sort on time Governor, nor:

The clean air Governor.

The clean rivers Governor.

The clean drinking water Governor.

The pro-sobriety Governor.

The save-the-state-parks Governor.

The opioid-fighting Governor.

The pro-DNR governor.

The recycling Governor.

Because, after all, Walker's consistently been the never-tell-a-lie Governor.


Anonymous said...

Good post -- factual observations with a little snark thrown in. That likely plays well with many site readers (did for me). I have to point out, however, that Wisconsin's media echochamber is catapulting this propaganda.

jsonline, still Walker's biggest supporter, at this is featuring this bogus headline and uncritically casting a great lie:

Gov. Scott Walker sets goal of topping nation in high school grads in four years


Not the disinformation technique being use: The story leads with Walker's proclamation: "I'm an education governor and I want to be an even better education governor going forward. We need every one of these young people to graduate and to be ready for the next step.”

There is no factual analysis of this, only quotes from democrats that have different views (which are largely objective facts). The lie of objective journalism is that the red and blue teams say this or that, but at no point is there any attempt to talk about what is reasonable or what is true. Journalism, at jsonline and across Wisconsin, is entirely disconnected from what is accurate, factual, and honest.

Here's the kicker: There is no way to objectively measure graduation rates, as there is no way to gather data on all students who enter public schools and then leave with or without diplomas. That is why, in the late 1990, Green Bay recieved national ridicule for proclaiming they had a 100% graduation rate. And by golly, they way they rigged the data, it mathematically calculated to be zero.

So not only is the media catapulting Walker's lies about being an education governor across the state, but they are allowing him to base this on setting an imaginary benchmark -- there is no consisten inter or intra methodology to make any meaningful comparisions about graduation rates. This is all mularkey. MJS knows this, as does the rest of Wisconsin's media echo-chamber. They all reported on the ridiculous claim made by Green Bay Area Schools that not a single student dropped out.

Please keep telling the truth and, should you chose, delve deeper in this latest bit of nonsense. You will find what I say here is objectively true regardless of what the red team says. Real reporting, as you demonstrate, is based on reality and truths.

Democurmudgeon said...

Incredible link history, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pro-Education Gov. Don't leaders lead by example. He quit his education. Also how about his promises: 250,000 new jobs his first term, still hasn't gotten them. How about Wi dropped from 1st to 9th while he has served so far? To many more to list here.

Anonymous said...

Rarely is the question asked, "Are Scott Walker learning?"

Yup, that's our divide and conquer edumakation gubbernor. Ol' drop-out Scotty.