Thursday, December 6, 2018

And just how did that power grab bill get written?

It would not surprise me if private sector lawyers, GOP operatives, conservative consultants and special-interest officials outlined or drafted much if not all of the 141-page government takeover and election nullification bill that GOP legislators miraculously produced within days of losing the statewide races in Wisconsin's Nov. 6th election.

I assume that activists and groups with pockets and staffs deeper than those in this one-person shop are already bombarding key legislators and Walker's office with open record requests - - and soon, subpoenas, too - -because we have a right to know if Republicans used the same kind of opaque, outside private-sector networks and resources which produced the sweetheart iron mining bill and the 2012 gerrymandered maps and supporting arguments to also jump start or produce the massive legislative package that flew through the Legislature and now sit on Walker's desk.

Did Vos, Fitzgerald and Walker have any outside 'volunteer' or paid help conveniently situated physically and structurally outside of the reach 
of the open records statute. 

The lessons of discovering GOP campaign staffers and equipment stashed in Walker's Milwaukee County Executive office suite, the secret birthing of Act 10 and the gerrymandering plan, and now this unprecedented power grab pulled off in a matter of days means you cannot put anything past Walker & Co.

In their world the past is definitely prologue, so everything is always on the table. And under it.

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