Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Walker can't understand what the big deal is with the bill

Walker is apparently - - 

- - reading the bill from his last stop at Culver's.

“ I have yet found anything that fundamental shifts power away from the governor and AG” - on reviewing lame duck legislation.

And there's more good news, as Walker says he'll only do the right thing, just like he's been doing since Day One, which is when he suspended a DNR wetland permit review so a donor-developer could get his bid box project into the ground faster.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

I believe these are the first current photos I’ve seen of Scott Walker in public since his election loss. Is it my imagination, or does he look genuinely scared and preoccupied? Not scared and preoccupied as in “I’m having a moral dilemma over whether to sign the lame duck bill” but rather as in “Why hasn’t anybody offered me a job?”

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see wingnut welfare as a big option for Walker. Can you seriously imagine anyone paying big bucks to watch him babble his word salads? Rather, I think there’s a larger chance he may be on welfare welfare to help get him through his tough patch.

James, can you use your excellent research abilities to find out if the Conservative Rock Star applies for Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits next month? Wouldn’t that just be a hoot?

Anonymous said...

I think that if he had a job offer, he would have resigned and taken it, leaving Kleefisch to sign the bills. Also, there is the Butina issue that is likely causing him some grief. He will likely lose healthcare in a few months so has Tonette's insulin to worry about too, although she has wealthy relatives who might help her out. It looks grim for them.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Anonymous 10:07, wouldn’t it be the perfect icing on the cake if Mr. and Mrs. Walker ended up on Obamacare?

Anonymous said...

Yes it would be perfect. It would also be great if they had to leave the state for employment.