Friday, December 21, 2018

Gov. Fitzgerald lectures Evers on nominee's correct behavior. We remember an example.

Wisconsin Republicans keep having those 'do as I say' moments.

Governor Vos must have the day off - - is it another Winston Churchill weekend? - -  so Tribune Fitzgerald takes the stage to harrumph that no one cleared a cabinet nomination with him: 
[WisDOT Secretary-nominee Craig] Thompson could have a rough road to confirmation. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a statement Friday: "Governor-elect Evers would be better served by nominating someone who worked in a less controversial role during previous policy debates."
No about Fitzgerald is referring to cabinet nominees like Cathy Stepp, his former Senate colleague whom he rubber-stamped through the confirmation process  for a seven stint during Walker's tenure as DNR ball after having correctly modeled the correct behavior and 'worked in a less controversial role during previous policy debates,' as she described them on a blog site ironically called "The Real Debate."

In her own "waaay wordier" words, below, in full:

And Another "Do as I say moment"...

Those of you that haven't had the pleasure of peeking behind the scenes of our state agencies like DNR, Health and Family Services, etc...need to know how some of the most far-reaching policies come down on our heads.

The most crushing/controversial rules that businesses have to follow in our state are--most times--done through the "rule making process" of our state agencies. Without bogging everyone down with some really boring procedure talk, suffice it to say that many of these great ideas (sarcasm) come from deep inside the agencies and tend to be reflections of that agency's culture.

For example, people who go to work for the DNR's land, waste, and water bureaus tend to be anti-development, anti-transportation, and pro-garter snakes, karner blue butterflies, etc...This is in their nature; their make-up and DNA. So, since they're unelected bureaucrats who have only their cubicle walls to bounce ideas off of, they tend to come up with some pretty outrageous stuff that those of us in the real world have to contend with.

I could go on and on with examples of some of the most ridiculous stuff I've seen come down the pike, (no pun intended), but for the purposes of this post, I am going to pull out a quote from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau's summary report on the outcome of the "budget negotiations" that legislative democrats had with each other. (Note: I said with "each other." There were no republican ideas or motions accepted AT ALL during the Conference Committee process. No surprise there.)

When an agency sees an urgent need--example would be Chronic Wasting Disease management plans--they're allowed to implement an Emergency Rule. Understandable, since these ideas get an urgent run through the Joint Committee to Review Administrative Rules (affectionately known as JCRAR) without much public notice or scrutiny. The process is there to address emergencies ONLY. 

Well, sometimes agencies try to use this process as an end-around the legislative process to implement Rules, which end up having the same affect as Laws. (Those of you who have piers in lakes or culverts at the end of your driveways have probaby experienced these Rules.)

O'k, I went waaay wordier than I intended, but here's some language that was inserted into this BudgetPig that should scare everyone--regarding one of our agencies, the Department of Commerce: "it may promulgate the initial rules as emergency rules without the finding of emergency."

Why should this scare you? When (not if, I said WHEN) they give this authority to the DNR there will be more of a whooshing sound as businesses run for the borders. 

It's always the fine print in these things that have the heaviest hit. 

Just another example of the democrats game plan: Change the Rules to Fit the Players.

Shout it with me, now: HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS DEMOCRAT.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Our rules don't apply to us" - 21st Century GOP motto.

By the way, the Power Grab bills had a provision that prevents anyone rejected by the gerrymandered GOP Senate from taking ANY office in that agency, or from being renominated.

This seems patently illegal (the Guv can nominate anyone he/she wants, even hacks like Kathy Stepp), but more so, if WisGOP tries to TeaBag Evers' nominees, Tony should install them in power anyway, and make the WisGOPs try to stop him.

What would WISGOP try to do? A recall for going,against theirs hated Power Grab? Please proceed, you dopes.