Saturday, December 8, 2018

Ebeneezer Walker hears from a Governor past

Scrooge might be seeing things at night in the Mansion.

Because signing the power grab bill would be political Bah Humbug, warns a former resident.
Governor Scott McCallum 2001.jpg
It appears completely political, (like) a power grab,” former Republican Gov. Scott McCallum said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel. 
No fresh clues in Walker's twitter feed, where he had a 21-installment self-justifying digital frenzy today, so may need more visits from Governors past for the necessary humility infusion. 

Tommy Tommy Thompson has declined to join the story.
Republican Tommy Thompson, who won four terms as governor, declined to comment on the measures passed by the Legislature early Wednesday, saying he didn't "want to get involved."

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Anonymous said...

The LEGACY tweets are classic Walker. Taking credit where none is due him and spinning his failures into triumphs.