Thursday, December 27, 2018

Clean WI fights government-approved Sheboygan County dirty air

This is why I put Clean Wisconsin on a recent list of groups which need our support.
Group challenges EPA's bid to give factory-rich Sheboygan County reprieve on air quality
See the pattern developing? - - 
Smoke stacks from a factory.

Illinois officials sue over Foxconn air permits 

- - as Walker with his 'chamber of commerce mentality' leaves the state dirtier - 
Walker dumping lawsuits, policy failures on incoming WI DNR 
- - than he'd found it - - good laugh, here

And is also leaving behind intentionally weakened legal and administrative remedies through the lame-duck power grab which will block and grid-lock efforts to effect the cleanup:
Democrats say the legislation will spark lawsuits across multiple courts...Republicans would almost certainly pursue appeals all the way to the state Supreme Court, which is controlled by conservative justices.
Think about the environment degradation Walker is leaving behind, whether the chronic deer wasting disease epidemic, rampant waterway pollution, animal-waste and chemical laden groundwater contamination. inadequate flood-prevention infrastructure, unsafe air and special interest, donor-drive privilege, all related to corruption of science and public agendas - - given attention in this series.
Walker's eight-year war on Wisconsin's environment. In 21 parts, one post, full story.

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