Sunday, December 30, 2018

Fair weather Packer fan tweets oddly-self referential GIF

Your 'Governor' King of Juvenilia at 'work.' And after six seven eight hours, only 13 retweets; no surprise. 

Could also apply to a certain Governorship, political career, Grand Plan, etc. And note he tweeted it @Packers, to the organization.

The comments are, well, as expected. I liked this one:

Can’t they change the rules or something?
And this one:
Well then the next logical step is to jettison the campaign outfits you wore to look like Relatable Wisconsin Guy - including your self-personalized jersey.  
The season:


Anonymous said...

I did think this was juvenile. He is still governor of a state for Pete's sake. Maybe all of his advisers have gone on to different jobs and so he has to think these things through for himself. Maybe we are seeing the real Scott Walker.

Man MKE said...

Walker lacks focus, both in his duties as governor and his ability to take a camera phone picture.