Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Peeved about media earlier, WI sore losers' caucus leader snags national exposure

Robin Vos got his wish!

WI GOP Assembly Speaker and noted election nullifier Robin Vos had griped that he and his colleagues weren't able to tell their side of the power grab story, so whaddya know? - - MSNBC's "All in With Chris Hayes" program had Vos' face and justifications straight from the horse's mouth on its air this evening. 

I don't see the segment yet posted on the program's website - - Josh Kaul was on camera, too - - but it began at about the 45 minute mark.

Vos was shown in a video clip saying from the Assembly floor that he and his colleagues would work with the elected Democratic Governor Tony Evers because "we have to" - - and that's really big of the Speaker, no - - but also said Republicans just had to implement their 11th hour restrictions because Evers was too liberal.

From Hayes' program this evening:

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