Tuesday, December 4, 2018

WI GOP to remove science from DNR mission, Dems from governing

Team Evers-Barnes & Kaul, and their Democratic voters, just got the latest GOP-delivered 'don't bother with governing after January 7th' message.

Shorter titles: It's follow the money time, and Now we know why Walker was so calm after the election. He had a plan to cancel it.

Having already stripped climate science from the DNR's purview, GOP legislators are quickly moving to remove science from natural resource 'management' and the public interest from broad public policies in the state.

They're doing this at the behest of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, a leading supporter of GOP campaigns, whose disdain for environmental science was made clear when it helped kill a basic environmental impact statement examination of the massive Foxconn project by channeling Homer Simpson calling it a "book report."

Which would be like telling your oncologist there was no need to trouble with that CT scan ordered up before your surgery, because it's just another stupid selfie.

This latest bought-and-paid for initiative is part and parcel a GOP initiative to make permanent Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' government permanent by turning oversight of wetland quality, wildlife survival and clean air and water to the people with the most expertise - - GOP state legislators who are perpetually raising campaign contributions.

All of their special session "reasonable" changes were carefully outlined exactly zero times in GOP candidacies this fall, but just as Walker proved when he sprung Act 10 on voters and public employees after the 2010 gubernatorial election, there's never a bad time to drop a bomb no one knew you were working  if your friends expect it.

Big business wants more control over environmental policies in Wisconsin because its'done such a good job taking care of the land near their enterprises. This dead brookie in the Little Plover River, one of just hundreds of impaired Wisconsin waterways on Wisconsin's greatly-expanding list, could be the new state symbol drawing vacationerss and new residents to a perpetually-directed 'chamber of commerce' state.

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