Thursday, December 13, 2018

Walker's 11th-hr. $25-$28 mil. biz gift blows up fake GOP power 'concern'

Just 25 days left until the lying can stop.

Wisconsin Republicans have been braying in unison since the Nov. 6th election that the Wisconsin governorship had somehow been operating with too much power.

You know: how the heck did that outrage happen?, and so hooray for Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Walker for courageously stepping in and making sure that dictatorial trend was nipped in the bud after only eight years.

Bu, uh oh, there's a GOP state official now who officially doesn't give a dam about the GOP's righteous and transparent effort to rebalance legislative with executive power.

It's Scott Walker, his hypocritical behaviors and elitist legacy knowing no bounds. 

Because Walker is moving on his own today to give a subsidy of up to $28 million by decree - - you know, without any vote by the Legislature which had so suddenly embraced (wink-wink) the need for power 'rebalancing" - -  to Kimberly-Clark, the fully-profitable, perk-heavy multinational corporation.

The Walker action fully exposes three things:

1. That he continues to operate as a one-man imperium, free of any regard for his own double-standards and those of his party which mock democratic process;

2. That Walker's haughty list of post-2010-election, 'don't you-dare-do-anything' demands Walker sent to out-going Governor Jim Doyle was, and remains now more than ever, a full-blown case study in official, arrogant middle-finger flipping;

3. That if Fitzgerald and Vos were really concerned about what Evers might do, they should demand that Walker desist from actually doing this;

Kimberly-Clark to receive about $25 million in taxpayer funds under new deal from Scott Walker
Under that lame-duck legislation, the governor could not cut a deal like the one with Kimberly-Clark alone and would need permission from lawmakers to do it. 
Kindly add this to the already long, hypocritical and sanctimonious list of double-standards I recently reviewed by which the Wisconsin GOP is now openly b.s.-ing the public:
We need this review because GOP leaders like Robin Vos are selectively and sanctimoniously lecturing us on "the basics of how the republic works," and are scheming in a hurriedly-scheduled special legislative session to strip powers from WI Governor-elect Democrat Tony Evers.
So let's look at the record and unpack Vos' new-found talking point about the need to "restore the balance of power in state government."


Anonymous said...

As a state employee I am seriously considering taking leave for rest of his term.

Anonymous said...

That's $14,400 per job per year.