Friday, December 21, 2018

Walker, Ryan root for Trump. Add Putin to the chorus, says Russian media.

The week ends with more White House resignations, a Trump-engineered-government-shutdown-by-tantrum, more Mueller activity, freshly tanking markets and disappearing savings while Putin keeps playing Trump and Trump plays Foreign Secretary for Putin's grand plans, Russian media reports:
"Donald's right. I agree with him."
And did you catch these lines from today's The New York Times, again quoting Russian media?
“Trump is God’s gift that keeps on giving,” said Vladimir Frolov, a Russian columnist and foreign affairs analyst. “Trump implements Russia’s negative agenda by default, undermining the U.S.–led world order, U.S. alliances, U.S. credibility as a partner and an ally. All of this on his own. Russia can just relax and watch and root for Trump, which Putin does at every TV appearance.”
It's important to remember that from Scott Walker's endorsement embrace of Trump at the GOP nominating convention in 2016 to Paul "the Deficit King" Ryan's love affair with the tariff king,

maistream Republican officials in Wisconsin stood and continue to back the man they kept telling would make make the best President.

Thank you, Badgerland GOP.

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