Saturday, December 15, 2018

Walker to Interior? He had good rapport w/ Kochs; Butina, too.

An ethically-challenged Walker to replace the ethically-challenged Zinke?
Ryan Zinke official portrait.jpg
Could happen.

They share this administration's all-important denial of climate change and believe public resources are there for corporate plunder.

Some of Zinke's record is here.

For Walker, see Kohler Andrae State Park, Foxconn water rights, the Bad River watershed, etc. - -  so right there you have Walker already qualified as something of a Zinke 2.0.

Plus, Walker and David Koch have long been in sync, and got along famously by phone. Well, sort of.

And given that Walker had eight years to hone his environmental degradation and resource agency dismemberment bona fides, he just might be the best fit for a cabinet nominee since Trump installed the ethically-challenged and environmentally-hostile Scott Pruitt at US EPA.

Another Scott: Karma!
In fact, Zinke is leaving behind in a key Interior position one former Koch official, so some of the staffing is already taken care of.

Just move Cathy Stepp on over from the Great Lakes regional directorship at US EPA - - a post which is clearly beneath her - - and they'd be well on their way to building up the next 'chamber of commerce mentality'  LEGACY!

And, yes, I know Walker said yesterday that he was staying in Wisconsin and would not be taking a DC position, but when did saying one thing and following through on it mean anything to Walker?

One thing that could hold Walker back is the loss of all those easy-money speaking fee junkets being handed over to Michigan's Rick Snyder.

Also, it's known that Trump gets queasy around losers, so, you know, there's Tony Evers and those 30,000 votes Walker didn't have. 

And sure, those were stolen as fast as you can say 'Stop The Early Voting, Bucky' which Walker  tweeted favorably about before the election after which he just signed a bill to severely restrict it  - - 

VOTE EARLY and avoid the long lines! Help us keep Wisconsin moving forward and vote for Team Walker! Visit for more information.
 - - but whaddaya gonna do?

Actually, One Wisconsin Now noted it and put up a link to a Walker video promoting early voting.

And a round of no-nonsense national media vetting and informed confirmation questions from the likes of Tammy Baldwin, and others.

Oh, wait! I forgot Legacy-Builder Agent Butina.
Never mind.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Walker appointees David Ross and Anna Wildeman both work for the EPA Office of Water in Washington DC doing: Under the direction of the Assistant Administrator, the Immediate Office performs a variety of policy, communications, resources management, and operational functions for managing the National Water Program. The IO also works on broad or emerging issues in coordination with its program offices and other parts of EPA.

Ross is known for eliminating assessment requirements for high capacity wells and Wildeman is a former CAFO lobbyist married to a CAFO lobbyist who works for Michael Best and Fredrick.

Say good bye to the Clean Water Act.

Anonymous said...

Here is James' excellent article on the WI contingent now running EPA:

James Rowen said...

To Anony 6:52 p.m. - - Here is the link:

Chris said...

Scott Walker was exposed as the low intellect, empty suit he is the last time he ventured onto the national stage. I don't think Trump will appoint Walker - why would he want to risk the possibility of being embarrassed by someone like Scott Walker? The national press would have a field day with Walker, and the Venn diagram debacle is just a preview!

Joy said...

Walker doesn’t care about the environment or know anything about it, will do anything for power, and will absolutely obey and follow the money. What’s not for Trump to like?

Anonymous said...

I am hoping the national press with have a field day with Walker. I would like to see his career end.