Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Top 10 reasons why GOP power grab bill being fast-tracked

10. Governor's retirement party planning is time-consuming: Mar-a-Lago unavailable, though Pariah Resort and Tire Center can accommodate.

9. "Co-equal branches charter member" challenge coin design deadline loom.,

8. Vos is behind on Winston Churchill book club assignments. Just learned no credit given for "Winnie the Pooh." 

7. Fitzgerald needs a nap.

6. Governor's retirement paperwork is time-consuming. Upset loss not expected.

5. Staff still debating bill signing optics: In secret, or at frozen custard stand? Bucky Badger sweater or Packers jacket?

4, Walker still deciding whether to turn over Louisville Slugger baseball of Koch prank call fame to State Historical Society, or list on eBay?

3. Walker still debating: full-service real estate broker, or discount operation?

2. Walker staff just found out there's no Amtrak train from Madison and Milwaukee for full-dress farewell ride to Mitchell Airport for warm weather getaway. So: ask Vos for a ride, or corporate jet?

And the Number 1 reason why the rush is on:

1. Walker needs every possible hour to use veto power to make bill worse.

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