Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Another failed Walker 'do as I say' moment

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign finds a big perk for a corporate friend of Walker's tucked in the power grab bill's grab bag of goodies.

So let's rewind the tape to remember it was Walker himself who said late-night legislating was so fraught with awful consequences that it should be outlawed.


First to set the scene: the GOP-led Wisconsin State Legislature worked through the night - 
After a frantic, extraordinary 22-hour legislative session, Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly on Wednesday morning joined their Senate colleagues in passing a sweeping package of bills intended to curb the authority of incoming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.
Then rushed the power grab bill to Walker for his equally quick signature.

Now feast your eyes on reporting from April, 2010 to see how consistently hollow Walker's record has been
Walker endorses halt to Legislature's late-night votes
Last week, when the Assembly pulled two all-nighters, lawmakers became an easy target of critics who said that late-night lawmaking is not the way to do the state's business.
One of those who criticized the practice was Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker, who said he would sign legislation as governor that would forbid the Legislature from voting after 10 p.m. and before 9 a.m.
And, not surprisingly, Walker's 2010 'position' as a candidate was a flip-flop from his earlier 'position' when, as a state legislator, he voted to allow overnight legislating.

Fool us twice...

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Our rules don't apply to us." - 21st Century GOP motto