Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Vos' self-aggrandizes on limiting executive powers

I'd noted the hypocrisies in 
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' 11th-hour moves to shift powers to the Joint Finance Committee and away from newly-elected Democratic Gov. Tony Evers after having helped give many of those same powers to Walker to make the GOP Governor even stronger. 

For eight years.

Not surprisingly, Vos posted a tweet that suggested some substantial history on his part on the subject, but you can be the judge of whether his claim was merely unconvincing or downright laughable:

More ICYMI: I have been concerned about the balance of power in state government for some time.
I go for laughable, because all he references is a remark he made to a journalist in 2016, followed by absolutely no remedial legislation.

Say you're the boss in a company, and one of your employees whose 14th anniversary on the job is January 3rd, 2019 wants a promotion.

You ask hm what he'd he done to justify it, and he cites something he'd said two years ago to someone outside the company about how it'd be a good idea to take away some powers from the boss.

In fact, Vos benefited from executive action a few months ago when the federal government gave Wisconsin the $160 million Walker sought to finish the road work so vehicles could get to and from the Foxconn project district in Vos' district.

Does Vos really believe that US DOT, the White House and various congressional offices are going to be as responsive to major funding requests from a group of Wisconsin state legislators filling in for a chief executive?

I can just hear federal officials who are used to dealing with Governors on such natters saying, 'Speaker who is on the phone? Their Joint Committee wants what? Is that their marijuana control board?"

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