Friday, December 7, 2018

As court filings document Trump's illegal conduct...

Don't forget that all the Wisconsin Republican bigwigs - - Walker, Vos, Fitzgerald, Ryan 
Cathy Stepp, Sensenbrenner, Duffy, Vukmir, et al - - endorsed Trump and campaigned with and for him.

I'd harped repeatedly on Walker's on-stage endorsement of Trump at the 2016 GOP nominating convention.

And the Wisconsin GOP throw-in with Trump continued as recently as late October of this year, when many of them welcomed him back to Wisconsin in what turned out to be a failed boost for Walker and Vukmir.
Mosinee Miracle to feature Walker-Trump reunion. And more!
All of these Republicans shared some of the responsibility for his ugly 2016 campaign and a Presidency which has managed to sink even lower - - with new lows to be revealed in courts and the Congress next year.

And as court filings Friday make Trump look a lot like Richard Nixon.

I have no idea if chumps like Walker and Vukmir understand that their identification with Trump helped seal their electoral fates - - and also played a huge role in Paul Ryan's stunning abandonment of the US House Speakership - - but it's important to acknowledge that their Trump embrace and their specific levels of selling out are part of the reason they're all looking for work while Democrats instead take the oaths.

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