Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Thank WI State Sen. Cowles for opposing election nullification bill

Though the Wisconsin Senate passed the power grab early this morning, Robert Cowles had the courage to vote "no."

I'd mentioned him in an earlier post as someone who'd know what the GOP was doings wrong.
Image of Robert Cowles
His office number is 1-800-334-1465. 

Let him know you appreciate his action, because all the other Republican Senators voted "aye."


Thomas said...

To the Honorable Senator Rob Cowles...

I want to thank Senator Rob Cowles for his courageous vote early this morning on the destructive measures put forward by Republican legislators in this lame duck session. And I want to publicly tell him how proud I am of him for bucking his party line in defense of the great, principled and precedent-setting work of previous Wisconsin Legislators. They -- and the people of Wisconsin who created the original sound and principled foundation for governing Wisconsin -- were right, and their great work forms the basis of the way we have all agreed to be governed. Wisconsin legislators, particularly during the past 10 years, are not worthy to make any changes to the way Wisconsin is run.

Senator Cowles was not just voting against the Republican forces, right wing Koch/ALEC organizations, and legislators that have been bought and now practice politics in Wisconsin...but rather, I'd like to think that he was voting against his party's blatant disregard for the will of the people and for what is right for Wisconsin. I would like to think that he was thinking and deciding for himself, and not his caucus, when he cast his ballot with the similar bravery we saw expressed by Senator John McCain and his "thumbs down" vote in the U.S. Senate.

Senator Cowles is a brave and honorable man and we can only wish there were more like him in today's Wisconsin legislature. I wish that others of his colleagues had thought for themselves instead of letting their caucus do their thinking for them during the past eight years of Scott Walker's now-ended regime; and that more of them had followed Senator Cowles example in this early morning's vote.

I hope the senator's example of thoughtful independence and leadership will be followed by a majority of his colleagues during the next four years under Governor Tony Evers -- although I do not harbor any false hopes in that regard. I also hope that I will have the chance to shake the senator's hand and to tell him how proud I am of "my senator."

Thank you, Senator Cowles

Tom Turner
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Unknown said...

Thank You Senator Cowles!
I could not congratulate you any more eloquently than Tom Turner already has.
Ethics in Government obviously has no watch dogs than the Citizens.
The transparently evil minded Republican excuse for balanced government between the Legislature and the Governor is such an insult to the voters intelligence.
This is such a motivator for grassroots action unleashed with a wrath that removes the
robbers of democracy. Working together for the betterment of the majority of Wisconsin voters
and the values, plans and programs they signed onto at the ballot box escapes the morality of too many of the Legislators!

Thank you, Senator Cowles

Ann Louise Tetreault RN

Anonymous said...

Fine, Tom, but I'm tired of years of Cowles' "courageous" votes that always seem to oppose an outcome that has already been decided. I'll congratulate Cowles when he talks a few other Republicans into joining him to actually stop a wrong. Now that would be a man of principle.