Thursday, December 20, 2018

Another key Wisconsin player's stats shout 'bust'

It's fitting that Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, two of the biggest self-promoting phonies ever produced by the Wisconsin Republican Party, are exiting stage right at the same time.

Walker leaves behind his failed, signature 250,000 job-creating pledge - - noted again Wednesday.

Along with big increases in polluted rivers, disregarded state responsibility for polluted wells, and road surfaces so broken statewide that they became known as "Scottholes." 

And an unaffordable Foxconn mess - - financially, environmentally and legally - - catalogued in this 18-month-long, 260+ item archive.

Plus an intentionally- shattered natural resources department facing immediate statewide problems from pollution to climate change to a depleted and beaten-down workforce that also must deal with lame-duck, residual GOP sabotage.

While fellow teenage burger flipper-cum-US House Speaker Ryan pumped iron, pumped out overly-prideful press releases and unsustainable 'budgets,' failed eleventy-thousand times to repeal and replace Obamacare, and aggressively Power Pointed people into stupors, but, in the end owns a deficit ballooned in classic GOP fiscal fail mode

by giving away the store to his main constituency - - rich donors.

Some legacies.

Both men will enjoy six-figure pensions, speaking fees and board positions at organizations which propped up their campaigns and egos will the more immediate providers of golden hammocks.

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Ge Bayside said...

I have often wondered how many millions of dollars Ryan received from Foxconn. I have always believed, without any proof as yet that he was instrumental in luring Foxconn to Wisconsin, leading to his early retirement. After all why work if you have already lined your pockets with millions of dollars at the taxpayers expense.