Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Walker is fiddle-tweeting while the planet burns

We know Walker has had climate change materials scrubbed from DNR websites.

We know his contempt for voting runs from stifling the results of the election just lost to promoting restrictive voting hours and implementing voter ID laws to tamp down turnout in Democratic areas - - and those past suppressionist practices are codified in the Power Grab bill rushed to his desk by GOP legislators safely ensconced in safely-gerrymandered seats.

With his history about voting and climate science in mind, do you also know that: 

Wisconsin scientists have just published data showing the fast-warming planet approaching a climactic negative climate posture - - by 2030.

* And while there is no mention on Walker's official twitter feed of this momentous local and international news, his most recent three official tweets as Governor of the State of Wisconsin are about how to vote Wisconsin singer Chris Kroeze into "The Voice" semifinals.

Let’s get WI’s own into the finale! VOTE TONIGHT!
--------------------------------------- Chris Kroeze is a fine musician and singer from Barron, Wisconsin. I watch the show. It's nice for Wisconsin to be represented. So no offense to him, but I'd sure like to see the Governor use his official twitter account to transmit some information about real voting issues, and real news.
Does he understand that the voters dismissed him be cause he dismissed them?

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