Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Disappointed WI man still can't accept election results

The 22nd such tweet:
OUR LEGACY: More people working in 2018 than ever before, some of highest graduation rates in US, $8 billion in tax relief, 6 years of UW tuition freeze, some of best healthcare for quality in US.

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Anonymous said...

After he stole the recall and '14, there were even more disappointed Wisconsinites. It took record turnouts to defeat Walker which is why GOP wants to disenfranchise more voters and reduce turnouts in future elections.

Ten percent of Tammy Baldwin voters WERE NOT Scott Walker voters -- that proposition is irrational to the point of being insane, but this is what the media wants you to believe using its corrupted exit polls (always forced to match unverifiable and implausible outcomes)

No one should be confident that the results were really as close as the numbers indicated. There is a reason Schimel was against a recount. There was also a reason that Marquette Law Poll had Evers up by a large amount before massaging the numbers to predict a close Walker win. This also explains why other polls had Evers up by so much -- election theft, which we now know happens in America, needs races to be close enough to steal.

Walker wont accept election results for 2 reasons:

1. The fix was in for him (again)

2. His political career is not over. His media allies will promote him again for another office -- perhaps even as Governor again after the usual media hacks catapult the meme that Evers is now responsible for the mess Walker created.

What you are seeing is the beginning of a strategy to hoist Walker into prominence and then public office again -- please mark my words. I was right when I posted here that Evers could only win with historic turnouts in Milwaukee and Madison.