Saturday, December 8, 2018

Walker's "OUR LEGACY" tweet storm signals power grab bill signing

Memo to Walker:

You wouldn't need to dump out a self-serving, disingenuous ("OUR?") 21-part tweet storm including items like this:
 3 hours ago3 hours agoMoreOUR LEGACY - We now require able-bodied, working-age adults to work to get public assistance 

unless you were gearing up for your final middle-finger power-grabbing bill igning salute.

And, by the way, legacies are conferred by others.

Fools and weaklings arrogate their own.

Here's what the people did for you, legacy-wise.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Agree that it's clear he's signing it. But I would have thought he'd hide out and do it in secret. Doing this tweetstorm makes him look like an even bigger jackwagon, if that's possible.

Which makes me wonder why he is doing it? Does he think it'll make someone say "Oh, I didn't know what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin" and hire him? I'm not a sociopath nor do I live with my head up my rear end, so I'm not seeing what that does, other than make Walker seem pathetic.

James Rowen said...

Maybe it's outreach to Trump: 'Look, I'm also a tough guy and a serial Tweeter like you are, too?' Is there an ambassadorship/soft landing open?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I was thinking Koched-up wingnut welfare, but that makes a lot of sense as well. And we know Drumpf judges qualifications from tweets and Faux News appearances, so...

Anonymous said...

I sincerely believe that had Walker been offered a job, he would have resigned by now and left Kleefisch to sign the lame duck bills. I think he is freaking out that no one wants him.