Wednesday, December 5, 2018

WI GOP pol whines about fairness after nullifying 1.3 mil. Dem. votes

Give Robin Vos the Lifetime Hypocrite Award, then retire it.

First there was his 
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
obsessive, self-inflicted Twitter embarrassment when to legitimize self-serving, power-grabbing 11th-hour 'lawmaking' by amplifying an 11th-hour illegitimate talking point.

Then, after having screwed the public by writing bills in secret, amending them in secret and setting up quickie 'hearings' when the outcomes were already decided in secret, he apparently had a cry-baby news conference complaining about his not being accorded fairness, as reported on Twitter by the Cap Times :
 6 hours ago
Speaker Vos after Assembly vote says they didn’t get a fair opportunity to tell the public about what the bill does outside of the press. Calls the ⁦⁩ an arm of the Democratic Party


Unknown said...

Robin Vos = illegitimate legislator. Lame duck bills speak for themselves: We the legislators don't give a rat's ass about We the People. Fightin' Bob must be rolling in his grave.

Swing Genie Trading LLC said...

He's using Trump tactics to blame others. He's an ALEC follower. These orders came from team Koch. Gutting government with debt, making businesses the ruling class, privatizing schools, and getting worthless poor people off the dole. As long as Dems and the media softball the GOP they will be successful. Some of the senators were bullied to do this. Only a far right wing Koch and corrupt Walker keeps pushing them.

denverdave said...

America is becoming Foreign. Like Russia n fuck Russia n Russians