Saturday, December 22, 2018

Walker's Twitter feeds are flat-out pathetic

As clock runs down, both his official and personal accounts look like Internet road kill.

I ask you, what the heck does all this pasted into his official feed actually mean, other than the word salad ingredients got spoiled but the staff is serving them?

These bills increase transparency, accountability, stability, and protect the taxpayers of Wisconsin.
And he posted on his personal account this selfie with another failed Governor on what might have been Walker's last junket there. And for your Chris Christie/Scott Walker pals' files, this and this and this before you get to cute their photo:
Hanging out with my pal Chris Christie at the White House!

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Anonymous said...

We will all soon long for the days when the losts were greasy dirty lunch bags, ham sandwiches, and melting ice cream. Walker is not going to leave the political scene despite many premature political obituaries. DailyKos proclaimed GOP irrelevant with its GOPosaur in 2008. In the next political cycle Walker started his 1-party divide-and-conquer assault on Wisconsin. It will take decades to reverse the damage and Ryan & Walker will be back like spoiled egg salad.