Friday, December 21, 2018

WI legislator would bar WI tax credits for out-of-state Foxconn work

Props to Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen 
Image of Dave Hansen

for introducing legislation barring Foxconn from receiving any state tax credits for hires out of state.

From a Bloomberg news website:
Democratic lawmakers want to place new limits on the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation after an audit revealed the agency had adopted procedures that could grant Foxconn tax benefits for out-of-state employees. 
Sen. Dave Hansen (D) said he would introduce legislation prohibiting the state from granting tax credits to electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group for any jobs done by out-of-state workers as it develops a $10 billion technology campus in Southeast Wisconsin. 
In a normal political environment, the blatant out-sourcing of taxpayer-paid employment would not have been considered, let alone allowed.

But Wisconsin's political environment has been distorted since GOP Gov. Walker - - defeated last month for re-election - - last year pushed through the unprecedented and fiscally-irresponsible Foxconn subsidy package which also came with significant legal and environmental privileges accorded to no other Wisconsin venture.

A full archive on the Foxconn debacle is here.

Hansen's bill faces an uncertain future in the Legislature, where GOP leaders - - apparently oblivious to the role Foxconn played in Walker's defeat - - have reserved for themselves and their party in Walker's pending absence special Foxconn oversight roles and other perks in their lame-duck special session power grab.

Like I said, we're not in a normal political environment in Wisconsin despite Walker's defeat.


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Anonymous said...

I would hope even the GOP faithful would see that this is something that should be passed. Shame on them if they don't. Good for Senator Hansen for putting their feet to the fire.