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Walker's eight-year war on Wisconsin's environment. In 21 parts, one post, full story.

If a flag flying upside down is a sign of distress, then a Governor who claims to be an angler in a state of 15,000 lakes - - but holds his fishing reel upside down - - demonstrates that the political environment and natural environment absolutely are in trouble.

Hence this 21-part series, "Walker's 8-year war on the Wisconsin environment" -  covering clean water, fresh air, critical wetlands, public trust wildlife, science, information, expertise, budgets and basic transparent fairness - - will close out today, a week before voters decide whether Walker's war on the environment ends after eight years, or runs to an even dozen.

And the news from Monday shows how corrupted and contaminated is the arc that spans Walker's one-party, 'chamber of commerce mentality' tenure:

Begin with what I wrote in December 30, 2010, in this blog's third year but only hours before Walker's first-term swearing-in:

Stepping on open space, wetlands, forests
For the environment in Wisconsin, this is the day the music died.
With anti-DNR zealot Cathy Stepp's preposterous (read: management by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the home builders organizations) nomination as Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, Walker's legacy as the environmental destroyer of the land of Gaylord Nelson, John Muir and Aldo Leopold has begun.
Then take note of this unbelievable, no, very believable story published just yesterday about Walker's DNR, aided by GOP AG Brad Schimel and GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:
Wisconsin permits wells in areas judge ruled pumping would harm trout streams
I'd written about this lever-pulling-industry-to Vos-to-Schimel-to the DNR-and back-to-industry-judiciary-and-the-public-be-damned network before, and it's back. Because it never left.
Wisconsin officials tilt land, water, conservation to corporate goals
...Including [Schimel's] issuance of a favorable opinion that granted large-scale groundwater withdrawals to big operators which they had openly demanded GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos deliver. 
While Wisconsin is abusing, over pumping and contaminating our groundwater, the Legislature's GOP Assembly Leader Robin Vos - - a leading Wisconsin corporate water-carrier - - is seeking an opinion from GOP Attorney General and fellow corporate water-carrier Brad Schimel that could turn over more groundwater to corporate control and away from public oversight...
And big business hasn't been shy about its demands, noted in October:
A pretty stunning memo was sent last week by multiple trade groups and corporate special interests to the State Legislature in advance of today's hearing about the fast-tracked Wisconsin water giveaway bill I wrote about yesterday that puts groundwater and downstream users' access in private hands.
Here is the full text of the Vos request...
Remember - - the State Constitution says the waters of Wisconsin belong to everyone and the DNR is obligated to put the public's rights first.
So, as I said, hence this series. This post below carries an index with links to all of the series' installments. Feel free to share, email, repost or put up this item or any of its parts on social media. 

Then vote on Nov. 6th as if every single thing were on the line. 

Because it is.

Part 1. Wetlands for donors.

Part 2. Walker and Stepp.

Part 3. Mining, big business and $.

Part 4. More wetlands, big business and $.

Part 5. Wolves, blood and dogs.

Part 6. Waters damaged, 2011-'13.

Part 7. UW, DNR science slashed.

Part 8. Dirty air.

Part 9. CAFOs.

Part 10. Kohler's golf course.

Part 11. DNR crippled.

Part 12. Taxpayers pay kleptocracy thrice.

Part 13. Policy based on round, random numbers

Part 14. Public saves DNR magazine

Part 15. Chronic wasting disease.

Part 16. Polluted waterways skyrocket.

Part 17. Public losses, private gains.

Part 18. 33 times science was dissed, dismissed.

Part 19. Foxconn.

Part 20. 16 ways Walker blocks information, or 'Blessed be Stupidity.'

Part 21. The full story, a summary, and a 21-part index.
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