Friday, December 14, 2018

Walker extends legacy day as court strikes down Obamacare

Turns out Republicanism is actually the most dangerous and wide-ranging pre-existing condition in Wisconsin and nationally.

Begin with our defeated GOP Gov. Scott Walker.  

He has certainly had himself a big legacy day, what with his surprising predictable signings of all portions of his party's secretly-drafted 'Revenge of the little men' power-grabbing bills - - 
- - and now capped off with this additional ideological win at your expense that was also aimed at the Obama presidency Republicans are dedicated to erasing from the books:
Federal judge rules that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional
If the ruling is upheld through appeals it would affect millions. Subsidies that people collect to buy health coverage would no longer be available. Medicaid programs that have extended insurance coverage to millions of low income and working class American could be in jeopardy.
Also at risk if the court ruling is upheld is the health law’s popular provision that prevents health insurers from denying coverage to people based on pre-existing conditions. Before the Affordable Care Act insurance coverage began in 2014, insurers routinely denied or limited coverage of individual based in existing medical conditions. 
The court ruling would be like finally getting your bad acting ex to comply with a court order to leave your house after eight years of damage and stress, but who on the way out the door opens the gas burners on the stove and places one last call to your insurance agent to cancel all your insurance. 

Just to rebalance your relationship.

You then will remember that Walker gave  J.B. Van Hollen, the Wisconsin GOP Attorney General at the time, authorization to join the lawsuit which was 'won' today immediately after Walker took the oath of office in January 2011. 

I'd noted this scenario recently when writing about Waker's deceptive tweeting about how he was pledged to insure Wisconsin residents' pre-existing medical conditions - - a central element in Obamacare which Walker has just helped further undermine, and perhaps kill with no alternatives in sight: Walker dropped out of the 2015 presidential race after bashing Obamacare for months, he'd bragged that he was the Anti-Obamacare Governor from his first moments in office. "Literally."
Walker and other Republicans have been battling the Affordable Care Act since its inception. In Tuesday's speech, he said that "literally moments" after taking his oath of office when he became governor, he turned to Wisconsin's then-attorney general and authorized him to join a lawsuit challenging Obamacare. 
Of course, Walker, and GOP legislative leaders promised to pass a bill in the just-concluded lame duck session to guarantee coverages for pre-existing medical conditions in Wisconsin, but they never passed any such bill - - just like they never passed a bill in the lame-duck session approving the Kimberly-Clark subsidies which Walker yesterday announced he'd done administratively - - because the lame-duck session was never intended to do anything but hand Walker the 'Revenge of the little men' bills which reduced incoming Democratic Governor Tony Evers and incoming Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul's stature and powers.

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