Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The WI GOP's early Foxconn incompetence exceeds itself

[Updated] More of the Foxconn farce is coming into focus.

Remember those GOP geniuses who first hurriedly threw 4.5 billion public dollars at Foxconn, then just protected that boondoggle with more lame-duck Legislative 'oversight' thrown together from their genius corner?

Because, as GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos explained - - he being the State Capitol's Foxconn expert because the project is in his district and because in the moment he had clarity:
“We are not going to allow Tony Evers to come in and screw up the Foxconn package,” Vos said. “I will never let that happen."
Actually, sir, are you sure, since it appears the 'package' is not quite wrapped, so to speak? 
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
Vos & Co. added more legislative control over WEDC, Foxconn's paymaster, to protect the  project from what Republicans say could be Democratic Gov. Evers' interference. Well, it looks like some interference is required to keep things, uh, legal. Pathetic.
How's this for a breaking news banner on the Wisconsin State Journal webpage about that "package" Vos was about to protect?


Audit: WEDC should change rules on Foxconn to comply with law, contract
An audit has found the state’s economic development agency planned to give Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn tax credits for employees who did not perform work in Wisconsin, which would have been a violation of its contract with the company and state law...
The Legislative Audit Bureau report released Wednesday shows WEDC, which executed the contract with Foxconn, had crafted written procedures that do not comply with state statutes nor the contract between Foxconn and WEDC.  
I'll add this to the Foxconn archive I've maintained for 18 months

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