Sunday, December 2, 2018

Vos graciously learns us some Civics 101 with just one tweet! #wellnowweknow!

Hey, kids: Perfesser Vos 
Picture of Representative Robin Vos
is taking a few minutes out of his busy democracy-busting day after the Packers game had ended to learn you dumbbells something about what this guvmint needs to git rectified, so give this expert in Constitutional process, popcorn marketing, fair play, transparency and due process double-standards yer full attention:

Peruse below this bit of tut-tutting tweeted condescension from the GOP Assembly leader who has spent the better part of the last three weeks working to nullify the thrust of the Nov. 6th elections by creating a 141-page bill behind closed doors and set for quickie hearings and fast-tracked votes by his party's gerrymandered legislature

Hat tip, 
 35 minutes ago
As we work to ensure that the branches of government in WI are equal, it's important to note that far too many citizens don't understand the basics of how our republic works. Americans know literally nothing about the Constitution


Jake formerly of the LP said...

That pipsqueak Cos has negative charisma, and is living proof that in today's GOP "The scum rises to the top."

How is being a "co-equal branch" only something GOPs care about when the people choose a Dem? And what does that have to do with having the gerrymandered Legislature take control of the WEDC Board and the Foxconn project, which is conveniently located in Robbin' Vos's district?

Allen said...

He just doesnt care what people think.

Anonymous said...

Evers should just line-item veto the WEDC budget down to $1. The board will still have to meet, but for no real purpose other than to remind the State of its corrupt nature.