Saturday, December 22, 2018

Vos displays his 'give a man enough rope' persona

I could not be happier to see this story, headline and copyrighted photo (click on the link below) displaying self-inflicted political grandiosity put up by the Wisconsin State Journal today.

Robin Vos moves to check Tony Evers in new era of divided government
And constructed with Vos' full, breathtakingly narcissistic, self-destructive participation.

Seriously: who thinks everyday Wisconsin taxpayers will endorse this self-indulgence at their expense promoted by one of the most-repetitive broadcasters of Wisconsin Republicans' increasingly laughable and dishonest 'principles' - - small government/fiscal conservatism - - with this message of pure gimme...gimme...gimme:

Vos, set to preside over an increasingly empowered Legislature craving more resources as it acts to check Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers. 
The longtime speaker said Thursday in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal he’s prepared to supply those resources in the form of increased Republican Assembly staff to help craft an alternative budget in the Capitol’s west wing as Evers takes office in the east.

Imagine a Major League baseball player announcing in spring training that he is  the Most Valuable Player; Vos is inviting every other legislator, the Governor and everyone else who can take the field to throw at him, sharpen their spikes, and whisper dirty little secrets to the writers who will take down every word.

Boss Vos? Politics is competitive, and as they, not bean bag. Did Vos not get that memo?

The game now, of Vos' choosing is, Take Him Down A Peg.
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
For example, does GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, certainly as much a self-appointed-and-anointed new shadow governor as is Vos, vote to give the GOP Assembly leadership all sorts of added staff without getting as big a gob of new taxpayer money and the political assistance those hires could bring to the upper legislative body, too? 

Will the public and the real Governor countenance a two-chamber arms race that serves Republicans and promotes more one-party rule?

When the state faces a deficit, can't fix the roads and remains mired in perpetually-middling growth in a larger economy on the precipice of recession?

Vos should be looking hard at Scott Walker's fate. 

There are plenty of reasons for his upset loss, from eight years of Walker fatigue to the Foxonnn albatross he willingly strapped on, but at the top of the list is the fallout from Walker's ill-fated, ego-driven, image-crushing run for the Presidency away from the state and job he purportedly loved.

The presidential overreach exposed Walker as too far in over his head and unable to stay afloat while everyone else knew he would go under.

Vos has already begin to overplay a hand he dealt to himself from a deck he helped to stack and fix.

And he's so blinded by the lure of the camera that he's already posing for holy pictures before he's accomplished a dam thing - - other than cashing a lottery ticket with he winning Power Ball number he'd hand-selected behind closed doors.

Forget the Democratic opponents in the Legislature who will come after him; partisan colleagues will begin to resent his Era of Vos declaration, which begins with the public's need to pay him for more foot soldiers and equipment.

Voters will not react generously. Which is just happened to Walker, a reality now part of state history which Vos either can't see, or thinks he can outrun.

It would be different if Vos had risen without self-dealing to a position of added power as a result of openly traveling the state's back roads and big city streets, checking in at every bean feed and church supper and 4-H awards ceremony and central city block party and suburban 4th of July picnic and parade.

And there had pressed the flesh, pitched his plans briefly but listened longer, promised and provided an open door and caucus - - and then returned every few months to report back, and listen some more.

But that kind of small "d," democratic grassroots activity was not how Vos  ascended to the kind of political rock star status he's announced as his right.

While already ascending too close to the flame which has consumed plenty of high-flying wannabes before they realized they'd never had enough fundamental authenticity for the flight, let alone enough personal charm and 'it' factor to help with a safe landing.


Bill Kurtz said...

If I recall correctly, the front-page New York Times article about Vos after his coup never mentioned Scott Fitzgerald. (It was all Robin's doing!) Wonder how that happened, wonder how Fitzgerald like it. I heard he has an ego too.

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