Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Walker 'reviewing' power-grabbing/bad sausage-making bill

I suppose you saw this only-in-Wisconsin story the other day:
Wisconsin man sentenced to federal prison for tampering with sausages
KIEL, Wis. — A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to federal prison for placing “foreign objects” into Johnsonville Sausage links.
Which raises this question:

If, as some say, that watching legislation take shape is like seeing sausage being made - - 

- - I will only say it once: 

It would be no surprise at all if Walker were to do his wurst to the monster serving of power-bragging legislative sausage he's 'reviewing' for possible vetoes.

You don't think after eight years of serving special interests and embedding GOP advantage throughout the political and natural environment that he actually has the authentic public interest in mind, do you?

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