Thursday, October 20, 2016

Walker's endorsement of Donald Trump at three-month mark

Updated from 10/19: 
Blog administrator's question: With Donald Trump refusing in Wednesday night's debate to agree to accept the results of the election, and thus threatening to upend the US electoral and democratic process - - it is imperative that Wisconsin's media press the state's elected GOP leadership on its continuing endorsement of Trump for President. Haven't these leaders heard enough? - - jr

Just a reminder that WI GOP Governor Scott Walker endorsed Donald Trump for President on July 20, spoke for him at the GOP National Convention, and never joined other GOP politicians who withdrew their endorsements after Trump's cleary-disqualifying anti-woman words and assaultive behaviors became front-page, campaign-dominating news.
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A disgraceful endorsement that should have never been made as Trump scatter-shot his insults at women, Muslims, Mexicans, a US judge, reporters doing their jobs, cozied up to Vladimir Putin, and, on a daily basis revealed frighteningly deep and intemperate ignorance about government, governing, the US Constitution, his fellow citizens and the electoral process that keeps the Republic intact.

The reason for Walker's principle-free embrace of Trump while also escaping its consequences and hiding on the sidelines is obvious:

To win re-election, Walker needs Trump's while male voters in the state's rural areas as well as traditional GOP voters clustered in the Southeastern Wisconsin counties surrounding Milwaukee where Trump is said to be weak.

So Walker is having it both ways, and, to date, appears to be getting away with it.

For example, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorially demanded on October 10th that House Speaker Paul Ryan withdraw his Trump endorsement - - but did not call out Walker, or other state GOP figures by name for sticking with their Trump endorsements, including US Senator Ron Johnson or State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Instead the paper's editorial had this italicized deck below the headline that pointed to "other Republican leaders" without naming them:

Ryan and other Republican leaders who still stand by Trump while condemning his statements need to stop dancing and join their braver colleagues.

In fact, the paper had earlier made the same demand of Ryan when Trump so horribly disrespected the family of a fallen US Marine.

Granted he's the House Speaker and the highest-ranking elected GOP leader nationally, but holding him to a higher standard than Walker and the unnamed others is a double-standard.


Anonymous said...

So MJS demands they guys they endorse year-after-year withdraw their support to protect they radical right-wing extremist they endorse year-after-year because Don the Con is going to get crushed?

He is a direct result of the divide-and-conquer, racist, economy destroying, loot-the-treasury-for-billionairs, and middle-class-killing politics that MJS routinely supports and endorses.

I do not see why the latest attempt by MJS to prop up Scott Walker & Paul Ryan is something I should celebrate.

Peter Felknor said...

Nothing along the lines of your challenge to WI media being accepted that I can find--and it's not like they don't read this blog. Oh, the MLS did run an editorial demanding that AG Schimel should investigate claims that Democratic activists may be planning to commit voter fraud, which would certainly cause anyone to lose sleep who lives in a one-party (GOP) state whose Presidental candidate has stated that he won't accept the results of a race that he stands to lose epically. Priorities, y'know.