Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mosinee Miracle to feature Walker-Trump reunion. And more!

Kudos to the GOP for bringing Trump to Wisconsin's Mosinee airport today, as our Governor has been veering so far to the left that he needs a strongman to pull him back to the right fringe where he belongs.

What with Walker's sudden interest in school aid and smaller highways, you'd think he'd gone over to the dark, liberal side. Trump can fix that as fast as you can say Stop the Immigrants!

And it's been a while since the two of them have had some quality time to share their recent successes, like driving Harley-Davidson overseas and driving small milk producers out of business.

Trump can fill in Walker on how the 'separate-kids-from-their-parents-at-the-southern -border' plan is going - - about which the ever polite and deferential Walker has said nothing  - and Trump can get the latest on Walker's 'separate-your-kids-with-pre-existing-conditions-from-their-doctors' plan is working out in Wisconsin.

And Trump can get an update on Walker's refusal to accept $1,1 billion in Medicaid funding'; maybe the Walker approach can become the national Medicaid model the right is looking for to  fill in Medicaid and Medicare deficits that are coming in the wake of their big corporate tax cut.

So this pairing today couldn't be better timed.

And they say there's no authenticity left in policies today: wrong! Paul Ryan along with Reince Priebus will get another sincere sendoff today from the man who had everything to do with their departure from public payrolls.

I just hope Leah Vukmir gets the face time she's earned for her high-level, fact-based and compassionate Senate campaign.

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Anonymous said...

If you want real news about Scott Walker, skip the Gannet and Lee Enterprises rags. While not as in-your-face propaganda as longtime Walker to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal is not reporting the truth about Walker: He wrote the playbook that Donald Trump uses - essentially Hitler's Big Lie technique. Here's an important story that Wisconsin's rightwing media will not tell you:

Scott Walker's Biggest Lies

"Long before Donald Trump demeaned the presidency of the United States by telling lie after lie, Gov. Scott Walker was working on his own Pinocchio nose, telling voters whatever he thought would allow him to keep his job. His fabrications are more subtle and cunning (and, therefore, less obvious to busy Wisconsinites), but they add up to a very serious pattern of deception from Walker, and he gets far worse during an election when he is desperate to keep his job."

More at:

This coverage is relevant, especially with the crap MJS is catapulting across the state about Tony Evers.