Saturday, August 1, 2015

Walker ditching $1 Kohl's duds for Kochs' upscale digs

Walker won't be parading around in that $1 Kohl's outfit this weekend, nor will he give a flying fig about real Wisconsin people or their issues. It's KochFest, baby, and he's after their roughly $! billion '16 campaign nest egg.

Though Walker's grooming and private auditions in front of Koch interests have been underway for years.

Let Mike Allen of and his widely-red Playbook column give you the lay of the Far-Right Promised Land which Walker is calling home this weekend - - note also the schedule for Walker's live appearance/talking point regurgitation today beginning at 6:25 p.m central time, and that will "include questions from Playbook readers."
GOP presidential candidates will sit for 25-min. interviews with Mike Allen this weekend, onstage at the Koch-funded Freedom Partners summer conference, at an oceanfront luxury hotel in Dana Point, Calif. We have 100% control of the questions, and we’ll include questions from Playbook readers. The full interviews will livestream on We’ll talk with Carly Fiorina and Gov. Walker today. Tomorrow, we’ll sit down with Sen. Rubio, Sen. Cruz and Gov. Bush.  
Today’s interviews will be outside, on a grand lawn, then we’ll move inside tomorrow.  
In addition to the onstage appearances, the candidates are holding meetings at the hotel with small groups of supporters and potential supporters among the record-breaking 450+ wealthy conservatives who’ll attend the three-day seminar, which ends Monday. A variety of Republicans governors and senators will also speak. The Kochs buy out the hotel, and there’s heavy security. 
WATCH ON LIVESTREAM, thanks to Politico’s Matt Sobocinski: 7 to 7:25 p.m. ET today: Mike Allen interviews Carly Fiorina ... 7:25 to 7:50 p.m. ET: Mike Allen interviews Gov. Scott Walker.
Potential questioners can use this link to bone up.

Note also where Walker stands in the race for multi-million donations so far - - sorta middle of the-millionaires' pack (PAC?) - - with his divide-and-conquer best-female-friend Diane Hendricks in already for $5 million.

Another large contribution came from John Hammes, a key Walker fundraiser and investor in the Milwaukee Bucks, to which Walker is awarding significant state funding for a new arena. Details, here.

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