Saturday, July 4, 2015

When the going gets tough, Walker knows nothing

I don't know what kind of paper or electronic trail may still be available, but I think we can soon expect Scott Walker to issue one of his patented 'I knew nothing' denials - -
with a healthy side of finger-pointing - - so let's hope some reporter can get close enough to the presidential wannabe and confront him over the scandalous GOP attack on open records and democratic process inserted into Walker's budget.

Because we all know that no GOP legislator in Madison these days does anything of even minor consequence without checking with Walker or his office.

It's his show, has been for more than four years and even more so since The Unintimdated One is set to preposterously take his sleazy schtick national and none of his legislative flunkies would dare upset that applecart.

I've tracked some earlier Walker I-know-nothing examples, here and here, but my favorite is below because it goes back to the very beginning to Walker's heavy-handed and failed campaign for Marquette University student body president.

That FUBAR ended with his ethically-challenged effort losing a student newspaper endorsement, followed by Walker's team gathering up and tossing the newspapers that carried the endorsement withdrawal, followed by this classic summation after the ballot-box defeat.

I quoted that history from a Marquette Tribune story in a 2012 blog posting:
Walker’s campaign record murky

In the run-up to election day, the Tribune’s editorial board endorsed Walker’s opponent John Quigley, but said either candidate had the potential to serve effectively. 
However, the Tribune revised its editorial the following day, calling Walker “unfit for presidency...”
The revision also expressed disappointment in Walker’s campaign workers reportedly throwing away issues of the Tribune after the endorsement was initially made.  
Walker dismissed this, saying he had no knowledge of what his supporters did, according to a Tribune article from February 25, 1988. 

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