Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Walker to announce national bid in Big Governmentville

Scott Walker has been the biggest proponent of Big Government power that Wisconsin has ever seen - - as he's altered or wiped out local controls over matters as varied as polling place hours to iron mining to local public employees' pay, benefits, residency and union organization.

And the massive budget he will soon sign also ends local shoreline protections statewide, as well as water planning and pipeline siting authority in Dane County.

He also signed self-serving, vindictive payback legislation after he moved from Milwaukee County Executive to Governor that reduced the size and pay of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, as if that was a matter of Gubernatorial concern.

So what better place to make his formal presidential campaign announcement than in the county seat of Waukesha County, a huge beneficiary of Big Government power and public subsidies?

Walker and his legislative allies re-arranged his entire borrowing-heavy budget to accommodate the $1.7 billion Zoo Interchange project at Waukesha County's eastern edge. The massive interchange dig is  a key element in the overall $6.4 billion Southeastern Wisconsin freeway project designed by the Waukesha County-based Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission - - a seven-county agency 100% paid for with public funds.

The same SEWRPC that wrote a regional water plan recommending that the City of Waukesha divert water from Lake Michigan - - as the city and its water utility have indeed proposed, and which Walker's Department of Natural Resources has preliminarily endorsed.

A plan for which Waukesha has long been seeking federal subsidies, as the cost of the proposal has ballooned to $206 million.

Big Government-happy Waukesha County - - the same spot from which Walker campaigned during his 2012 recall election with a warning against Wisconsin becoming "another Milwaukee" (the lower-income, more minority-heavy city and county just down the road) - - is the perfect place for Big Government-devotee Walker to launch a national campaign.


Anonymous said...

He should be standing on the steps of the Capitol demonstrating to all of Wisconsin that he "lives" open and accountable government by acknowledging that he and his staff authored the changes in open records law that would have denied Wisconsinites the right to see what their elected officials were doing and how they were operating the people's government.

Anonymous said...

They should also admit, anon 1:40, that they called in the bogus bomb threat too. Now walker can brag he BOLD and STRONG against blah blah blah. Remember, he did admit in the call to the fake koch bro that he had considered planting people to incite trouble. Guess this time they decided it would be effective.